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Text post, hope you like it.

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the first and last circulate, but never the rest,  for what it is worth.

Perhaps if his face were in them, we would find the others more often. For he is much more than a sexy torso.


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.remember when you were 13 and just typed random things into google looking for porn? :)

There wasn’t hardly dial-up when I was thirteen….

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Guess what I’m doing….

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sorry for the low res, didn’t have my usual camera so i had to ninja my way down stairs and take some selfies while everyone in my dorm was sleepy ;) hope you enjoy and while i was down here i also shot a little video, might post it if i get enough messages about it ;)

Let’s see the video!

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Going to go shoot a nice load now. Night y’all.

Photo 12 Mar 8,589 notes I’ll wrestle you… randori anyone?

I’ll wrestle you… randori anyone?

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Photo 12 Mar 53 notes I would lick that all night….

I would lick that all night….

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